ATMs that don’t charge fees

Resources to avoid paying ATM fees

1) Use the MoneyPass ATM Locator

2) EBT Near Me locator

3) Use the State of California’s list of Surcharge Free ATMs, ATMs that do charge fees, and surcharge-free retailers.

4) If you live in Alameda County, you can obtain your benefits from an ATM at one of four county social service offices:
…Alameda County has taken an innovative step to ease that problem, becoming the state’s first county to install automated teller machines with no fee for people using them to get their social services money.  Read the entire article here: Oakland Tribune: Alameda County to install no-fee ATMs for families in need


One thought on “ATMs that don’t charge fees

  1. TRI-Counties Bank in Chico, CA no longer has any ATM’s that accept the EBT card. They recently went to a machine that will read cards with raised numbers only, which the EBT cards do not have. I went inside and they were also unable to help me get money off because you must have an account number for them to do it without the card. This leaves us with very few options in the city of Chico.


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