Share Your Experience with Fees and EBT

Editor’s note: On Tuesday, September 13th, the MoneyPass ATM network was not working for a majority of the day when EBT users attempted to withdrawal cash or check their balance.

If you were impacted by this outage, we would especially like to hear from you.  Please either fill out the form below, or send a short email to: aluquetta AT

Have you been hit with ATM fees when trying to withdrawal your benefits?  Or do you have a strategy to avoid the fees?

Share your story (it’s quick, we promise!).  With your permission, we’ll share your experience with policymakers as we work to reduce the amount of benefits that are being diverted to ATM and other fees: My Story


One thought on “Share Your Experience with Fees and EBT

  1. […] Editor’s note: CRC was alerted that MoneyPass is now up and running again.  If you had to pay fees in order to access your benefits, please keep your receipts and we would like to hear from you.  Please contact Andrea Luquetta-Kern at:  aluquetta AT, or use our easy (fast) form to share your experience: Share Your Experience With Fees. […]


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